Can I send you my recording?

If you’d like to send us a copy of your band’s demo, you can. It is extremely rare that a band gets signed on the strengths of a demo alone so our best advice to you is to keep playing live shows, build a fan base, tour, and get your name out there; these are the things that will bring label representatives to your shows and this is what will help you get a record deal. The more we hear about you from other people, the more we will listen to you!

Send all materials to:

Attn: Submissions
Ninth Street Opus
1100 Ninth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

What kind of music/musicians are you looking for?

We are looking for GOOD music. Seriously, we sometimes call ourselves genre agnostic. We like a sound that is interesting, compelling and new. If you sound exactly like someone else who is already famous out there, we're probably not all that interested. We are looking for acts that tour often and put on a kick-ass show. With recorded music on the loose and downloadable for free left and right, more and more depends on a band’s live show. No one can download a concert experience for free, and if yours is worth paying for then you will sell tickets and merch. Everyone will be happy.

How do I get "signed"?

See questions 1 and 2.

Can I intern for Ninth Street Opus?

Opus is happy to have any and all help available in this continually dismal job market. Unemployed? Looking for something useful to do? Look no further! You don't need to know a ton about the music business to intern here, but it would be entirely appropriate to have an interest in independent music/labels.

One thing we can offer is hands-on experience with the inner workings of the music industry in a wide variety of areas. We might ask you to shoot some video at our recording studio, learn how to edit it and post it on a studio blog, we might ask you to research social networking trends, or perhaps we'll ask you to come out to a show or two and help with CD sales.

Contact us at info@ninthstreetopus.com for more information about interning.

Does Opus have a distribution deal?

Yes. Opus has a digital distribution deal with IODA, which puts our music in iTunes, Amazon and a bunch of other online retailers. For the time being, we're taking a "wait and see" approach to distributing the shiny discs to major brick & mortar retailers.

Do you rent out your studio?

Yes. Provided there is space in the calendar. We give top priority to Opus artists to use the facility and then fill in space from there. If you are interested in renting the studio, inquiries can be sent to info@ninthstreetopus.com

Who do I contact if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Send us an email at info@ninthstreetopus.com and we'll do our best to get you the info you're looking for.